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Quartz is the emerging force in Saudi Arabia’s media, communication, marketing, entertainment and innovative industry. It was founded to provide solutions for the most important aspect of any industry or business – The brand. Everything that revolves around the brand comes under the purview of Quartz. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of branding, marketing, designing and advertising, who work together to arrive at ideas, concepts, strategies and executional solutions. Every project at Quartz is treated as a masterpiece and crafted with precision.

In our endeavor to conceptualize the exceptional, we’ll leave no stone unturned. And we stop only after we are certain that what we have conceived is truly edge of the world.

Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success!

Quartz Studio

Our Services

Our dedicated team will be happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

Brand Management

  • Building brands & analyzing brand performance
  • Market segmentation & Product positioning
  • Future growth prospects and directions
  • Strategies for brand dominance
  • Ascertaining brand value
  • Ensure successful brand journey


  • Brand Identity – Research, Strategy, Corporate Identity
  • Marketing Collateral – All communication directives
  • Online – Websites, Social Media, Mobile apps
  • Offline – Press adverts, Outdoor, Ambient media
  • Television & Radio – Advertising concepts & Production
  • Others – Packaging, Signage, POSM


  • Analyzing market dynamics
  • Evolving marketing for new challenges and new opportunities
  • Determining marketing strategies to enter markets and dominate
  • Implementing these strategies to ensure maximum returns


Media Management

  • Print Media – Quartz’s creative genius lies in its print media.
  • Outdoor Media – Billboards, Transit wraps, mobi ads
  • Interactive Media – Quartz offers cutting-edge creative advantage
  • Multimedia – Online catalogs, presentations and animations
  • Online Media – Digital strategy based on conversion optimization

Media Planning

We plan. We buy. We measure. We deliver. At Quartz, we research your target market’s greatest media draw, carefully selecting vehicles that will deliver the greatest ROI. We also run statistical reports and present our finding so that your program is as dynamic, vibrant and changing as the media itself. Our media planning activities include: Pan-Arab media placement, Dynamic online ads positioned for max click-through rate, Intelligent mobile marketing, Post-buy reports and other value added services.

Events & Exhibitions

  • Trade & international road shows
  • In-mall events & Activations
  • Event management
  • Product launch & Mega retail promotions
  • Specialized events
  • Photography & Coverage

Channel Management

  • Associate with established retailers in the region
  • Tap business know-how and deep customer insights
  • Identify right business partners
  • Establish a seamless relationship
  • Connect entire value chain with result-oriented sales channels

Public Relations

  • Influencing media perception towards the companies
  • Creating awareness regarding the innovative business drives of companies
  • Salvaging public brand image during times of crisis
  • Suggesting social responsibility drives on behalf of the clients campaigns

Crisis Management, Reputation Building and Public Affairs

  • Respond to crisis situations with proven media relations expertise and develop practical solutions to build your brand’s long-term resilience
  • Create CSR strategies that enhance an organization’s reputation
  • Help clients understand the ever-changing political landscape and legislation changes to ensure their business is forewarned and forearmed
  • Our clients include: Ministry of Tourism (Egypt), Pepsi, Coca-cola, Zahid Tractor

Digital Marketing

  • We combine the best digital practices to produce fantastic results
  • We mix together our positive energy and cerebral muscle, making digital alchemy worthy of your brand
  • Our single-minded mission is to push the boundaries of what is acceptable and help companies create amazing pieces of work

Our Work

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

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Raymonds Print Ad – 1
Al Abeer Brochure – 2

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Our clients are market-makers, pioneers, and revolutionaries. From healthcare services to online fashion to the very ways we communicate, they're forging new status quos.

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Quartz Studio

Quartz Studio

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